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Russel Weiner Makes Another Big Purchase at a Discounted Price

Russel Weiner isn’t only a former Republican candidate for a seat in the California State Assembly, he is also a real estate junkie – and a good one at that.

Weiner, who is the founder and CEO of the Rockstar Energy Drink, recently purchased music producer Scott Storch’s discounted house in Miami Beach’s Palm Island.

The house, which was originally bought by Storch in May of 2006 for $10.5 million, was snatched off the market by Weiner for a much cheaper $6.75 million, as it was about to be put back into the bargain-priced pool by the bank due to foreclosure.

The millionaire CEO reportedly didn’t even walk into 20,308 square foot waterfront mansion until he owned it, but had a feeling that the house would be perfect for social events and parties.

He has an eye for discounts, and this is not the first big-money residence that he bought at a discounted price. The self-assured mogul, who resides in the city of angels (L.A.), also owns an oceanfront home in Delray Beach that he bought for a cool $11.6 million when it was originally priced for $17.5 million in 2008.

Brett Harris, of J & L Beach Realty, spoke to the Miami Herald about Weiner’s new purchase. He said Weiner had been scoping out the house ever since Storch lost it due to monetary problems. Harris, who represented Weiner in the transaction, calls him a “deal junkie,” and he felt that this house would be perfect for him.

And just in case you were wondering about this hot-shot’s family, his dad is Michael Weiner is a conservative talk show host who leads the radio show The Savage Nation, which is broadcast locally on WTFL-AM(850).