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Rapper Birdman Buys Hedonistic Scott Storch’s Huge Old Digs

This is a story about two urban record label executives, the Miami party lifestyle, and big money real estate. Here is the former mansion of Scott Storch, record producer and “hip-hop’s most unlikely white boy” according to Huffpo, at 70 Palm Avenue, and the new home of fellow urban music mogul, rapper, and Cash Money Records cofounder Birdman. (He’s one of those one-name types)

After blowing $30 million in six months on partying, trips, and lots, and lots of cocaine (the white boy loved the white stuff), the poor sap lost the place to foreclosure. It was then snapped up by RockStar energy drink entrepreneur Russell Weiner for $7 million. Meanwhile Birdman was getting big, real big. He’d already recorded an album at another oh-so strange Miami address, a place Curbed National has called an “Utterly Bonkers Manmade Water Fortress”, but the Miami lifestyle was addictive you know, so this mogul needed some real estate of his own to sink his cash money into. Plus he couldn’t live too far from his business partner Slim Williams, who had recently bought South Florida’s largest house out in Weston.

Birdman is settling into his new home and Storch’s self proclaimed “drug den” from which he bought in September from Weiner for a profitable $14.5 million. It comes with 9 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, 100 feet of bay frontage, dockage, a pool, a hot tub surrounded by a moat, a massage room, a home theater, high-as-hell ceilings, an elevator, and all the misproportioned ugliness you can shake your booty at.

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