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Bee Gee Robin Gibb Might Be Selling Home

Though Haute Living first caught wind of the story weeks ago for its latest issue of Haute Living New York, (thanks to one of the top dogs in real estate, Todd Michael Glaser), The Miami Herald’s Joan Fleischman is now confirming: Robin Gibb is on the verge of selling his Miami Beach mansion.

Weeks ago, it was Glaser who broke the news: “Now, Robin Gibb’s home on North Bay Road is under contract for $16.9 million, and the home will be completely gutted. That’s more than $25 million that the buyer is paying after renovation, and this home wasn’t even on the market. He knocked on the door and made an offer.” Glaser even added that the potential buyer was a big-time player in the adult entertainment industry, though that information was withheld from the story.

Now, Fleischman, who’s been The Herald’s head snoop for quite some time, adds the following (from her December 23 story): “Robin is thinking of selling his 10-bedroom residence at 5790 N. Bay. Real estate insiders say the price is around $17 million and identify the would-be buyer as Kristopher Hinson, 34, co-founder of the reality porn website Hinson already lives on North Bay — a five-bedroom on the water, 10 blocks south of Robin’s property.”

I guess that would make this our opportunity to give some props to Glaser for having his hand so close to the pulse of Miami Beach’s ultra-luxe real estate market.

Via The Miami Herald