As a Miami Beach native, Brett provides his clients with an unmatched degree of expertise. He has more than 20 years of experience as a realtor, developer, and mortgage broker and understands every facet of the real estate business. He extends that experience and know-how to his clients, walking them through each stage of the process of buying or selling a home.
According to Brett, communication is the key to a successful transaction. He takes tremendous pride in performing at the highest level for his clients and always makes himself readily available to them. His professionalism, commitment, and attentiveness never fail to exceed expectations. He was recently named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the United States’ Top 100 Residential Realtors.
His love for architecture and design gives him a competitive edge amongst his peers. In addition to being an astute investor he can also advise on what it will take to buy and stabilize a distressed asset.
Brett's' "no-nonsense" approach to closing deals, coupled with his extensive network of high-net-worth international and domestic clients, have enabled him to rise to the top in an astoundingly short period of time.  Several internationally renowned celebrities and high-level entertainment executives have all owned and/or currently live in homes procured by Brett Harris. He is the go to guy for his knowledge of Off Market Luxury homes on Miami Beach. 
Bringing with him several years of sales and negotiating experience, his attention to detail and client satisfaction have become second-to-none. His outgoing personality combined with an unparalleled commitment to service quickly places him amongst the best and brightest. His record sale of $20,000,000 for 4395 Pinetree Drive closed out 2015 and he followed that up by another record sale for $21,000,000 with 2920 N Bay Road in July 2016 making him one of the top agents in Miami.

When not taking clients on a boat tour of Miami, Brett enjoys tennis, free diving and barbecuing with friends and family.

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Updated: Thursday, September 29, 2016

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